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I miss you..

perfectimageMy life was in dark
You came as a light
Took me in your arms
I flew like a kite

Tears turned to laughter
Worries became mild
Deep in my heart
An innocent me smiled

Flowed like a river
Fearless and strong
Path didn’t matter
Nothing seemed wrong

You taught me to live
You made me feel the care
SO much you had to give
In person and in your prayer

All seemed good
Everything was fine
Then why came this day
When you are not mine

I am blank and alone
Now what should I do
Spark in my eyes
Was just because of you..



The word that best describes me is “Dreamer”. I dream a lot and I believe in fulfilling my dreams. My dreams vary from eating Pani Puri at a stall to becoming an Entrepreneur and I love all my dreams. I always want to be the best in whatever I do whether it’s professional, social or personal because one of my dreams is to be “different” from rest of the crowd. I love all the roles I play in my life and enjoy being a loving wife, a responsible daughter, a caring sister and a friendly companion. I sometimes become poetic as well I believe life is an opportunity to unfold our hidden talents, its a journey towards fulfillment!

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