Dreams – the lighter side of it!


dreamDREAM – What comes first in your mind when you hear this word? Does your mind picturise your ambition, things you want to own, that house you want to buy or that promotion you keep thinking about?

Well, let me clarify. This post is nothing related to all that is mentioned above.

Ah! Then what is it all about??

This is all about the stories you see when you are deep asleep!!  The literal “DREAM” 😛 The comedy, the horror, the emotional and the thriller that your mind creates when your body is resting after a hectic day.

Have you ever wondered how these dreams are formed? Which part of your brain directs the movies and who all act in it?

My grandama used to say- what we think is what comes in the dream. True sometimes, however what about the dreams with ghosts taking you away in a dark land or the weird animals that attack you? Who thinks of all this, tell me?

I don’t know what connection I have with my dreams that amaze me every night. I get to see my school friends, relatives, some stories of the past, some unknown faces and what not. Bizzare! 😉

The funniest part is that even if I get engrossed in them, I forget them the moment I am out of bed. Very rarely I remember the full dream I saw.

Should I say my imaginary power is superb or maybe I have the talent to be in film industry 😀

I can have a normal 2-wheeler mechanic repair a naval ship, make Santa Clause come on a motor bike,  bring my friends and family under 1 home for no reason, lead army in a war situation and what not.  So funny, isn’t it? 😀 😀

Well, there are nicer ones too – some like me roaming in a country on mars full of snow are the ones that I really enjoyed 😉

I always wonder – don’t we sleep to give rest to the mind? Then why the mind has to do “overtime” in forming these funny stories and keep us awake unconsciously? Power of mind! 😉

Can you help me answer? Waiting…

Happy dreaming! 🙂 🙂





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