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Gone are the days..

Gone are the days..
When morning meant prayer, thankfulness to god
Its mobiles and tablets now, the unbreakable nod
Impromptu on e-mails, messages, happenings worldwide
Isn’t the inner voice, unheard and kept aside?

Gone are the days..
When breakfast meant family time
Homemade recipes, some sweet some lime
Its fastfood now – flakes, oatmeals and Maggie
Modernity over health, the favourite quickies!

Gone are the days..
When call meant care, connecting friends and family
“Speak and share” was bliss, the feeling of ecstasy
Its messenger now, quick – anytime – anywhere
Rolling fingers on keypad, keeping people around in spare

Gone are the days..
When relation meant the feeling of love, insane
Eating ice cream together, looking at the rain
It’s only the happy photos on FB now,
Deep inside, life is very low..



The word that best describes me is “Dreamer”. I dream a lot and I believe in fulfilling my dreams. My dreams vary from eating Pani Puri at a stall to becoming an Entrepreneur and I love all my dreams. I always want to be the best in whatever I do whether it’s professional, social or personal because one of my dreams is to be “different” from rest of the crowd. I love all the roles I play in my life and enjoy being a loving wife, a responsible daughter, a caring sister and a friendly companion. I sometimes become poetic as well I believe life is an opportunity to unfold our hidden talents, its a journey towards fulfillment!

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