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I have always believed that “Life without music is – Unimaginable”.

Music is my go-to thing in my “me” time, though I don’t often get this. Music has everything to give you – no what in which situation you are, you will have that one song, that one tune that you you heart will immediately connect with, and cheer up. 🙂

I remember there were days much before apps like Saavn and Spotify, when updating the music list on the phone was a weekly task. Riding a scooty to-and-fro office with headphones on, playing the favorite music was the energy dose. And that shout from mom, she always thought I won’t hear the honking on the roads if I am listening to music. 😀 Oh, how much I miss this fun!

Today, after a a veryy long time, I tuned to a music app. But honestly my brain was tired to go and search for songs on apps and then listen. So, I switched the radio FM. Back to back, songs kept playing. I love listening to Radio when I need some refreshment. Radio creates fun, excitement and surprises with songs, you don’t know what will be played next! 😀

In between were ads, short stories and ofcourse the RJ. It was her last day on the show so she kept talking about farewells throughtout the show.

It took me also down the memory lane. Memories of my farewell from my school – the first ever feeling of going away from friends who have been a part of life for 10 years. School friends are the best friendships we make in life, isn’t it.

Then I thought about my college friends, and people with whom I have worked in various offices.

Everyone that comes in our life leaves an imprint of us, and remembering those light moments spent with them brought a smile on my face.

I don’t know if I was lucky today, or it was just a co-incident that every song played in today’s show was on my favorite list once upon a time 🙂 Calling it “once upon a time” because this busy life has truly brought some distance between me and music. 😛

Guessing the song from its music was the game I played with myself. And that feeling of a win, when the guess came right, just felt so light. I don’t know how and when I heard these songs, every song was familiar, as if written for me, for my situations.

Songs that I used to listen when I fell in love, when I got married, when I missed my parents terribly, when I became a mom, when I dreamt big in my career 🙂 I remember there were times when I used to listen to 1 song like 25-30 times in a day 😀

Every now and then, I think we all should get this “music” therapy done to ourselves.

Life is busy, I agree. From morning to night, its a crazy run, a battle to prove, to succeed, to be the best.

But trust me, surrender yourself to music once in a while, and you will feel that music is the only friend that has an ocean full of beautiful tunes for every situation of your life. It’s a magic!

Do you agree? Happy listening!



The word that best describes me is “Dreamer”. I dream a lot and I believe in fulfilling my dreams. My dreams vary from eating Pani Puri at a stall to becoming an Entrepreneur and I love all my dreams. I always want to be the best in whatever I do whether it’s professional, social or personal because one of my dreams is to be “different” from rest of the crowd. I love all the roles I play in my life and enjoy being a loving wife, a responsible daughter, a caring sister and a friendly companion. I sometimes become poetic as well I believe life is an opportunity to unfold our hidden talents, its a journey towards fulfillment!

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