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2015 and the Apocalypse!

Yet another year is passing. the WORLD WIDE people on –  WEB are talking about new year resolutions, parties, memories, excitements – all cheerful, vibrant – all just perfect!!

And what am I doing? Writing this blog and at the same time thinking of the “cake to bake” in the evening. 😀

As I browse through my Facebook page, I see something called “Posts of 2015”. I click that and glimpse of my year long memories get
showcased one by one.

I won’t wonder if one day man creates something exactly like part of our brain that store memories 😛 After all, brain also has the rights to OUTSOURCE work 😀 😀

And then I take a recap on this year – 2015 and the Apocalypse

This year has been more of “maintaining” things than achieving more and more. And this has been a year of experiences that made me mature, made me strong emotionally – made me self-aware.

And friends, this is what I really learnt and practiced along this year:

  • Confusions are good for life!!

This year gave me a lot of situations where I got confused, got bizarre with options – all equally important. And I had to scratch my head for nights to understand what to choose?

But you know what, confusions are good!! Because they let you analyse your priorities yet again. They create a bonding between you and your loved ones when you share the confusions. Your loved ones feel that their options matter to you! Confusions bring a momentum in your life – something different than your routine work – and of course they motivate you with a feeling of achievement when you really reach a final option for yourself!

Aren’t these benefits worth cherishing being confused???

  • YOU are the power!!

Most of the time, we feel low when our expectations are not met, when our wishes are not fulfilled. But then look within. Why to feel dependent on someone else for your own happiness. Don’t you have any example of making someone else happy? And if its a yes, which I am sure it is, why not make just yourself happy!!

Think about it. You are the one who knows you in and out, your strengths, weaknesses, likes, dislikes, your dreams, your compromises – a complete YOU. And so, isn’t it necessary valuing your own being?

YOU are the most important person for you.. Try this!!

  • Work-life balance? – NO!! its more LIFE-WORK-MIND balance

Many talk about work life balance these days. Psychologists, corporate, your own family members!! But think for a moment? Why call it work-life balance and not LIFE-WORK balance? Isn’t work part of your life? Isn’t your life first??

And more than balancing life and work, isn’t it important to balance your responsibilities in them. Do you really have to feel guilty for that work-off you took when your son wasn’t well, or for those long hours you spend in office for an important delivery.

Every aspect of our life is important and unique in its own way. And hence, balance is important. Our situations decide how to act, and if we have this mental balance in life – life is all good!! Isnt it?

Well, I am sure you too would have a lot of learnings running in your mind as you recap your year long journey.

thankfulnessLet’s open our arms towards the sunset of this last day of 2015 and give a thankful adieu to 2015!

Wish you all a very happy and cheerful 2016!



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!! Happy New Year – 2012 !!

Its been long since I wrote a blog.. Today being the first working day of the new year, thought of doing some work.. :)

New year comes with lots of aspirations, dreams, resolutions.. Everyone becomes positive and welcome the new year with big hopes of success and happiness..

For me, its the same.. Last year has been a great one with a lot of happy moments, lot of learning, success, failure, new friends, a long list of new new and new.. 🙂 I was wondering how soon this one year ended like a blink.. While cutting the new year cake, I thought it looks like just few days back I was celebrating new year and welcoming 2011.. Did 12 months pass since then?  Really? So my conclusion was, as it says happy days seem to pass early, 2011 was a happy year and so I didn’t realize how it went.. That in itself is a good feeling.. :)

Looking back on the months gone by,
As a new year starts and an old one ends,
We contemplate what brought us joy,
And we think of our loved ones and our friends.
Recalling all the happy times,
Remembering how they enriched our lives,
We reflect upon who really counts,
As the fresh and bright new year arrives..

I have a long list of “to-dos” in the new year.. Don’t know how much I will be successful with them but with the new spirit I am hopeful to achieve my goals in the new year 2012..

The most important thing which I always want to achieve, not just as a new year resolution, but also as a on-going thing in my life, is to a person whom my family, friends and everyone in my circle can rely on.. I want people to know me as a support in tough times, as a buddy to share their life, as a companion who is always there with them..

I don’t know till what extent I can reach there but I am sure I will put in efforts to be there..

My dear friends, I wish this year brings loads of happiness, success and prosperity to you and your family..