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You, my love..

Entering February – the month of love – the poetic way.. 🙂


Deeply sinked in your love
Flying in your sky like a dove
I enjoy every moment of your affection
The most special and adorable protection..

I know I can’t express well
I am more like a closed shell
Darling, my love, don’t take me wrong
My love is pure, real, very strong..

Words are short to express this feeling
The sense of this sooth healing
Your love, attention and care
Make me feel us as a perfect pair..

When you run to get me food
When you pray all for my good
When you care me like a child
Innocence of my love silently smile..

When you give me the keys of our mansion
My soul dances with joy and celebration
When you get restless when I am not well
The love in your concern, I can easily smell..

Just because I don’t say
Doesn’t mean its all grey
Peep in my heart and you will know
Every second, my love for you grow..

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Horizon – where aspirations meet reality!

“The horizon leans forward, offering you space to place new steps of change” ~ Maya Angelou

In our life we have aspirations and we have reality. Aspirations – high as the sky –are full of energy, full of positivity, full of hope. On contrary, there is reality with a “take what comes your way attitude” – very calculative, very controlled, very rigid.

.. And this chase of making our aspirations meet reality is called LIFE – OUR HORIZON! 🙂

Now you might think of many other metaphors used for life and might wonder why I chose it to be called Horizon. Well, there is a reason – something I can relate to my own life!

The horizon keeps moving ahead the nearer we go, and so does the reality. There is never an end to both; there is never a final destination to both! 🙂

My life has been a journey reaching this horizon and every time I thought I was just there, it moved far again – every time leaving something behind – good and bad – adding milestones to life!

This month, 8 years ago – I started my professional life. Long way! It feels great and satisfied that I could make my life something that I aspired!

It started with an aspiration to gift a home to my parents and thanks to my luck that supported it well to turn it a reality. It was tough, challenging and needed a lot of hard work. However, as it’s said – “where there is a will, there is a way”!

It felt like touching the sky when this aspiration became a part of my real life! The moment of handing keys to my parents and the love and pride in their shining eyes is still the most special moment of my life – the first horizon of my life! 🙂

Well, as I said, there is no end to this. Aspirations – small and big kept me moving.  Kept me busy converting them to reality. One after the other, the journey towards horizon continued..

New people, new companies, new designations, new geographies, new trips, new salary figures;) – all a part of this journey!

Today, I am satisfied of what I am doing, what I have done so far. Still I see that horizon that I want to reach – to become a person who inspires others, who is looked up with respect, who is known for good things, who is taken as an example.

I am travelling towards it – with a dream to make it a reality!


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Old is Gold!

My parents-in-law celebrated their 35th anniversary last week. It was a very special moment for our whole family. More than a celebration, it was a lesson for the young couples to follow their footsteps and lead a happy life.

They had recently visited Pune for a 1-week vacation to stay with us. This 1 week was full of learning for me.

When you have elders at home, it’s that extra moral support you get just by their presence. Their experiences are like teachings for us that help us lead our life in a better way.

I remember one such evening I spent with my mother-in-law and father-in-law sitting in our balcony having a cup of tea and listening to stories of their life, their struggles, their achievements, their experiences, all about their life. At the end of the talk, which I never wanted to end, I felt like yes I want to be like them.

To my surprise and a bit of disbelief, let me share with you, that in their 35 years of married life, they have never fought!! I think it’s more to do with that ‘’give-up” and “have patience”attitude the earlier generation had that helped them to be in sink with each other. I think this is a big achievement in itself. Isn’t it true that our relations are much bigger than our egos?

When my in-laws got married, my father-in-law’s salary was around Rs. 350 a month and even in that, they used to save 10-20 rupees. I had my eyes wide open when I heard this. In today’s world, when most of us have a five digit salary, we have no clue where the salary flows. Atleast I admit that I am poor at managing finance.

Not just savings, in that same salary, they had some school kids come home every Thursday for lunch. In villages we have this system to feed outstation kids that come from poor background once in a week as charity. I felt small hearing this. Though I do charity once in a while, this is something that raised respect for them to a much higher level.

Earlier generation was “people oriented”. May be that is the reason they don’t prefer cities with “closed doors” culture.They valued people more than money. And so, they never faced problems like feeling lonely, depressed or lost like our generation. For us, we prefer speaking on facebook, mobile or sms instead of meeting face to face. Think when was it last time you met a friend or a close relative?

For every small thing they purchased, be it a telephone, a pair of new clothes or shoes, they planned for months and saved and then bought. They never opted for loans 😛 And so, they had value for every small thing they owned. For us, we think it and we get it and so we don’t value our belongings so much.

The best thing I liked was the satisfaction they had throughout their life in managing everything with limited resources.

They are not just one example, there are plenty of them around us. My parents are one of them. Think about your parents, what all we can learn from them?

In this modern lifestyle that we have, we lack the important aspects of life – patience, satisfaction, adjustments, and sacrifices. They have all got covered with ego, self-importance, competition, jealousy and what now.

I believe our earlier generation is a deep ocean of experiences and more than books or anything else, we should learn life lessons from them. I feel lucky to be a part of such an amazing family!!

It’s really high time to sit and analyse where we are heading and where we way we should take to achieve real happiness of life.

The bottom line is Old is truly Gold!

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Failure OR A New Beginning??

While reading the book – Revolution 2020, I felt sympathy with the main character Gopal who couldn’t crack his engineering entrance exams. I can imagine how broken he would have felt when he couldn’t meet his parents expectations to become an engineer, when he couldn’t get into the IITs list even after a long struggle and hefty fees to the coaching classes, how hopeless life would have been for him when his father thought he did “nothing” to achieve his goal.

But as the story goes, he owns an Engineering college along with a plan for MBA college. Isn’t that surprising?

This story – read so far – makes me think if failure can really be a new beginning?

As I peep back into my life, I see a lot of failures I have faced.

I wanted to become a doctor – a dream I had seen since childhood and proudly shared with others. I had put in tremendous efforts in my 10th class to get into merit for a good college and Science Stream. My 12th result was also satisfactory enough for a medical seat. Unfortunately, luck became hard luck and even though I had an admission letter in hand, I realized it wasn’t as easy as I had thought. While calculating the fees and other expenses, I realized this financial commitment was going to be difficult for the family. So, I decided I shouldn’t go ahead with this option. I couldn’t make it to the Medical College. My first failure – or should I call it my new beginning.. 🙂

I then tried my luck with Biotechnology, and I got my seat through there. I was excited about this new stream as I had heard a lot about the future career prospects I have with this degree. I was all set for this new beginning I had made for myself.

But life is all about twists and turns. While taking this course in my first year, I got a part-time job opportunity – a much needed one that time. And as I completed my first three months in my job juggling between college and office, I had an offer in hand with full-time employment with them. I had to take a decision. I knew I can’t handle my 3-hrs a day long practical sessions in college along with a full-time job. My heart was close to Biotech but my brain took over me and I accepted the offer letter.

My second dream failed against reality. I needed the job more than biotech degree that time.

Then there was another beginning. I took a BBA degree which was easy to manage along with job. And I must say, I finished it well with flying colours. I am proud of it 😎

Now, I had a degree and 2 ½ years of experience in Sales. I thought it was right time to look for a better job – in an IT company – with glass building, beautiful interiors, ID cards hanging proudly around your neck and a tag of working in “IT”. That’s what had made me obsessed about IT companies.

Soon began the cycle of telephonic rounds followed by face-to-face ones. I couldn’t crack a couple of them, some I didn’t accept. I was slowly reaching to a conclusion that IT was all about working for the US – night shifts 9pm-6am – totally opposite to what my dad worked for.

I again felt a failure in me. With every interview I kept telling myself – there is still a lot to come my way. Being optimist does help sometimes. 🙂 I got a job finally that I was waiting for – an IT company as I had desired  – with a day shift convenience. Wow, I had made it there – I had made a new beginning.

After rounds and rounds of failures and new beginnings in my life, I am happy what I am now. I enjoy what I do. I feel mature with these experiences and never forget this lesson to take failure as a part of success.

I keep telling this story to my sweet little sister who is doing her MBA and is attending interview rounds one after other as a part of campus placements. She feels positive and is waiting for her new beginning now 🙂

Don’t you agree – every failure gives an opportunity for a new beginning?