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What remains with you, is just YOU


Situations come and go
Like the clouds they flow
They shake you, break you, tear you to the core
And then you feel, left alone on the shore

Neither the waves nor the sand or the sun
What remains there is just YOU

People become your support system
They listen, emphathise, sympathise, help
They do their best within their comfort of self
But still you feel, the lack of that holding hand

Neither the words nor the tone or pitch of their voice
What remains there is just YOU

You get sleepless, you get scared
Anger, frustration, helplessness is aired
You console, you doubt, you shout
You hate your own self, you hate the clout

Neither these feelings nor the curses or the screams
What remains there is just YOU.

Love yourself, take care of your heart
Because what remains with you is just YOU.

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I miss you..

perfectimageMy life was in dark
You came as a light
Took me in your arms
I flew like a kite

Tears turned to laughter
Worries became mild
Deep in my heart
An innocent me smiled

Flowed like a river
Fearless and strong
Path didn’t matter
Nothing seemed wrong

You taught me to live
You made me feel the care
SO much you had to give
In person and in your prayer

All seemed good
Everything was fine
Then why came this day
When you are not mine

I am blank and alone
Now what should I do
Spark in my eyes
Was just because of you..

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The Art of Forgiving..

How many times have you felt heavy at heart for carrying hatred, anger, disappointment?? I am sure the obvious answer for most of us is “numerous times”. We are humans and we do have all kinds of feelings in our heart. Though we cherish happy times, the sorrowful feelings stay longer in us.

As we walk through our life, it’s inevitable that we come across people that are good and bad, we encounter experiences that are happy and sad. Many a times, we are the ones, not others who take wrong decisions, incorrect choices and get into depression.
What do we do with these heavy feelings then? Do we carry them along making our life melancholy? Do we keep thinking about them and feel tragic all the time? If yes, is that right?

There is these thoughts that are tickling my mind recently – Why to carry the awful memories, the feelings that make us feel worse. Instead can we just forget and move? Is it our hands to make ourselves light and free from bitterness? What do we achieve by not forgiving?

Well, I know it is not easy to forget some hurts, some heartbreaks – but is it worth a try?

I have stepped on this path to learn the “The Art of Forgiving”. First, to forgive myself for all the regrets I have and then to others!

Are you with me in this journey?

Is there anyone you need to forgive today?

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The 2 Voices Inside..

It was a Saturday evening. I was driving towards the hospital to collect my medical reports. On a usual day, it is just a 20 mins drive. However that day I felt it like 20 hours long journey. Numerous thoughts kept peeping my mind about my report, and I must admit that majority of them were negative.

I was all on my own struggling with those thoughts and wondering what is going to happen to me next. I sensed 2 voices inside me debating with each other – one was voice of fear and the other was voice of faith.

For some reason, the voice of fear was taking stronger on me. It made me think of all the worst situations that will come my way if my report is bad. It made me visualise scenarios that scared me to my depth.

Then there was a silent and calm voice of faith, not at all showing its dominance; just trying to explain me that things will be fine and I should not be worrying so much; telling me not to be scared as even if there is any problem, there is a solution as well.

Again as I said, the voice of fear was so powerful that I wasn’t even listening to my voice of faith. I was so much taken away by the voice was fear that I had already decided in my mind my report is going to be worse for me to handle.

To my surprise – a pleasant one, reality was something very different. 🙂

When I reached hospital, it took me so many guts to open the reports. It was all normal. Thankfully, there was really nothing for me to worry.

That was the time my thinking cap started turning right and made me realise that I have spent so much time worrying about things that were not even certain. They were just probabilities and I gave them so much importance.

On the other side, my voice of faith was true and was guiding me right but I ignored it completely.

Then was the STRONG question to myself – WHY did I do so?

I reflected back in my past and observed that there were many such occasions when I feared so much which wasn’t needed– in my school days when my exam result were going to be out, in my higher education when I feared of not getting a good job that I would want to do, in my job when I wasn’t sure of delivering my KRAs. Memories of such incidents shook me from inside.

There is so much of fear around us. Fear of losing our loved ones, fear of failure, fear of defeat, fear of struggle. Again the same question – why do we fear so much?

I am not talking about being afraid of the dark, or being afraid of heights. Phobias aside, there are things that we absolutely dread the thought of. Fear has a stronger grip on our life than we think.

Voice of faith is a deep knowing that something is true although there may not be physical evidence or a way to prove it to others. It encourages us to move forward and not slow down with the influence of fear. It gives us confidence of a happy life. 🙂

Then, why do we not listen to that soft voice of faith that will give us peace of mind? Does it not always reassure us of a solution to every problem? Does is not show us way out of our trauma? Why do we ignore it then?

Even I couldn’t find an answer to this “why” yet. However I did realise that I should be listening to this inner voice of faith to get rid of the negativities in my mind.

I do need to give my best in any and every situation and leave it to faith for good things to happen to me.

I know it’s not going to be easy. It needs a lot of hard work and practise of mind.

However as is it said – well begun is half done. 🙂

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A Big Thank-You!

A journey indeed, in an emotional roller-coaster.” ― Ana Monnar

This date – 30th September – is very special to me because 8 years ago on this date was my first step in the corporate world!

When I had entered my office on the 1st day, my heart just had confidence in it which said this journey will be fun! Apart from that were imaginations of how a “working” life will be, a little butterfly feeling in the stomach, a bit of nervousness, a bit of excitement – a mixed bag sitting in the corner of my heart!

This journey has given me a lot – bitter sweet memories, learning and maturity, patience, people who become friends, achievements, disappointments – in short a big, colourful balloon of experiences! 🙂

Today, through this post, I thank all the people who directly and indirectly played a role in my journey. I have learnt something or the other from each one of you that has helped me grow.

Each and every memory of this journey is fresh in my heart and is my wealth earned!


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O Life!

O life, it’s just another day of high and low
Can you see me dull? My heartbeat is slow

I sit in a corner, my mind wandering to think
What have I done that my life suddenly blinks?

I know “hide and seek” is your favourite play
But please remember, I am not stone – I am soft as clay

I know you are dynamic, with lots of surprises
I do try adapting, every time the sun rises

Do you want me not to trust you anymore?
Is that why you give me experiences that are bitter and soar?

If that is so, I take it and I am ready to fight
Don’t underestimate me, I can reach new height

I close my eyes and I just pray
Not asking happiness, just don’t betray

Give me more patience; I know I need it the most
You know it better, you are the host!

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The Power to Forget

I am a person who loves to cherish all the best moments of my life. These memories keep me going, keep me happy and strong in all situations.

However now, I have discovered yet another power that helps us be happy – THE POWER TO FORGET

“Not the power to remember, but it’s very opposite, the power to forget, is a necessary condition for our existence.” ― Sholem Asch

How true is this statement! Imagine if we didn’t have the power to forget and if we have had kept all the awful memories of our life live in our heart, how miserable life would have been.

We all have Ups and Downs in life – pain of losing people, losing things, sometimes losing confidence. But when we get what we want, we tend to forget the entire struggle we have gone through to achieve that.

It’s not always easy I know, but it’s not impossible as well. I have experienced it myself and I firmly believe so.

There are thousands of such examples I can think of while writing this blog – in my life and in the life of people around me:

–          My sister just finished her MBA and was attending campus interviews. Even after 2 months of rounds and rounds with companies, she wasn’t able to crack an offer for herself. I could see she was losing confidence, but when she got an offer just last week, she was on top of the world. She was dancing on the sky and I believe she hardly thinks about the last 2 months now. 🙂

–          One of my friends who got married last month had a very long tough time finding a right match for herself. She had started thinking she will have to live her life all alone for lifetime.  Her parents were in worry all the time about their daughter’s future. Today she is enjoying her married life, and is happy that this delay has resulted in getting the best man for her. She has forgotten the tough time!

I am sure while reading this post you would also remember such instances of your life.

It’s quite interesting that our brain or rather our memory power keep things that we want and not what makes us sad.

I was told that few thousands of memory cells will be getting erased every day inside human brain and at any point of time we can use only 6-7 % of our total memory capacity. That’s weird to have only 6% of memory usage. But trust me it’s a boon given by god to our race. At least I believe so!

Remember good time and be happy!

Forget the pain and be happier!