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Mom, Mam aani Majh Mann :)

Silhouette of Mother and Young Child Holding Hands at SunsetAaj majhya chimuklyacha vaadh divas.. 5 years 😀 he is a grown up boy now..

Pan aai cha mann tar ashcharyach karat rahat ki kadhi aapal chotas baaL moth hot.. Tichya saathi tar aaplya baaLabaddhal tech prem, tich kalaji, tech prashna astat.. 

Jevlas ka?? Kay kay kel aaj? Dabba khaallas ka?

Tyachi health, tyala sanskaar denyachi dhadpad, tyachya maagnya puravnyache prayatn.. thodkyat kay, to khush asava hi ichha..

Khar tar aaichh baaLapeksha niragas aste asa mhanayla kahi harkat nahi.. karan aai kadhi mothi nahi hot.. ti tar tashich rahate..

Majh hi asach kahis zaalaye. Vichar karun aashchraych vatat ki ha 5 varshacha pan zaala.. 😀

Pan ha majha hero, mala achanakach kahi na kahi anubhav det rahato.. aani mala jaaniv karun deto ki to motha hotoye.. aani mi te anubhav jagat jagat, hasat, majhya manala sangte.. ho.. majh baaL moth hotay 🙂

Kadhi eka samjuddar mulasarkh vicharto, Aai are u busy? Kadhi chidlel roop aai var vaitagat, mala usheer zaala tar ghari sangto, lights off kara, ti andhar zaala tar yeil.. Kadhi majesheer kahitari bolun jaato.. aai mi ajun thoda motha hoto aani mag mich drive karel, tu maage bas.. 😀 aani jar majhya shistichya palikade masti karaychi asel, tar agdi sahajpane sangto.. aaj tu office madhyech raha 🙂

Kadhi kadhi vatat, office aani ghar sambhalata sambhalata ashe kahi kshan aapan miss karun takle.. 

Pan haa nirnay tar majhach aahe.. ata ashe vichar kashala..

Mag vichar yeto to office madhlya lokancha.. 

Kadhi Mam, he kay, Mam te kay che prashna.. tar kadhi he asach honar kinvha nahi honar che thaam uttara.. Ithehi hotat, rusve fugve, kadhi masti, kadhi fakt kaamach kaam..

pratyekachya aayushycha pravas, jashi ek goshta.. konache gharche vishay, tar konache ghar bandhayche 🙂 pratyekachi gosht mala vegali vatate, aavadte..

Kahi tyanchyakadun shikte, kahi te hi shikat astil majhyakadun.. 

Swatala dheer denyasaathi he vichar purese thartat..

He zaal mom and mam baddhal..

Aani shevti majh mann.. business language madhye sangaych zaal tar the 3rd M of my M Triangle 🙂

Majhya iccha.. majhya aakanksha.. majh swatach ek vyaktimatva.. 

Majhye swapna… avneesh la vaadhtana baghnyache, tyachyasobat ek ghatt naat banavnyache.. tyala changl vait chi samajh denyache..

Aani kahi majhya career che, kahi tari karun dhakhavnyache.. aapli ek olakh nirman karnyache.. 

Aani kahi majhye swathache.. jag firnyache.. jagat jitke variety of food aahet te khanyache, slim honyache 😀 😀

Hech tar aahe majh vishwa.. 3 Ms of my life 😀 :D.. majhe M che trikon 😀 😀

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The lost world

lostworldSundays for working women are typically the most hectic ones. All the preparation done on this day defines how smooth or chaotic the week ahead is going to be. Hence, there is a constant caution given to the lazy mind not to get distracted seeing the cozy pillows and the bed and the TV and the “rest day” theory labelled for this “action packed” day.

However, as most of the poets would agree, mind has limited control over a strong heart and if heart has a strong desire to convince us that we need rest for ourselves, no power on earth can control this happenings.

Last Sunday was a similar story for me. Morning was a motivated one, with a to-do list ready over a cup of coffee and a clear plan on goals of the day and an achievers feeling about my great planning skills.

My day was flowing well, exactly as per my plan. And then came a trailer on the TV. Coming soon – movie – the lost world. Something in me got hooked to it. Not that I love seeing the scary dinosaurs, but the title – THE LOST WORLD.

I sat and thought to myself. Where is my world? Am I living in it? Or is it lost as well? These questions disturbed me. Come on, what all nonsense are you thinking – said my inner self. But deep down, I knew. These questions were real. They were staring at me, waiting for answers – the REAL answers.

My thoughts kept wandering. Has life become just a routine to follow? Or a race to ensure perfection, hoping someone will appreciate it – and then hiding the disappointment behind an “understanding” face?

Where are the laughs that had no reason, just had a comfort of being together? Where are the dreams that kept me energised to face every day? Where are the success stories that made me feel an achiever? Where are the failures that reinforced presence of my dear ones when I needed a shoulder?

Has it become a rat race? Really?

All the motivational books and the inspiring blogs teach us that life is how we take it. Our positive thoughts are going to shape a positive and happy life for us. Listen to music and you will feel good, watch a movie, get that immersive experience and come out of the theatre with a feeling of – let me do something!

But is that what the heart wants? How much can you really motivate yourself? What if someone just did something to make you smile? What if someone just cared enough about your feelings? What if answer to all your frustrations was just a hug away? What if someone was with you – just unconditionally?

Aren’t these magical things more powerful than those external stories from the outside world?

I was left with a messy mind, with questions travelling in all directions. Still.

And then my ears heard an innocent voice – Mumma, I am hungry! 🙂 🙂

May be god has his own way of reminding you of what you should care about, what is important and what makes your life beautiful!!

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A letter from a working mother to her son

mother-and-son-5Since last couple of days, I have come across a lot of articles on mothers – working and non-working ones.

The working mothers most of the times feel the pressure of managing family and work – they carry a bit of guilt of not spending enough time with their kids and how they sometimes miss the most important moments when their kids are growing.

On the other hand, there are feelings expressed by the non-working ones that reflect how they choose motherhood over career, how they left their well-paying settled jobs just to be with their kids and cherish each and every moment.

And then I sit and wonder – where do I fit in?

As the mother’s day approach near, I would like to tell something to you my son – through this letter.

I want to tell you, that I am a working woman and I work because I have the passion to work – more than the need. I enjoy the status of “getting noticed” in the crowd. I dream of being a respectable and recognised professional. I work to fulfil my ambitions.

Then you may have a question for me – that – mom, are your dreams and ambitions more important than me?

No, my son, absolutely not. You are the most precious gift I have got in my life. There is nothing more important than you – not even my own self.

I stepped back from my dreams when you came in my life, and I will always do the same whenever you will need my complete attention – without any second thought.

But by me working, there are a lot of lessons I can teach you – that may not be as effective otherwise.

Do remember my son, I don’t want to teach you feminism, I want to cultivate that in you by giving you those experiences. I want you to know that like your dad, your mom shares equal responsibilities and enjoy equal authority at home.

I want you to remember that as I have you in my life, I have my parents too, who have struggled enough to ensure I succeed in life. Would it be a nice thing to be dependent on my spouse to take care of them? Or should I leave them with whatever available resources they have – even though I have the capabilities to give them a better life?

Yes I do miss some moments where I wish I didn’t have this hat of a working women. But then, don’t I have hats of all other relations that I maintain within the family? Aren’t there times when I was away from you for a family emergency in your grandparent’s home. So my son, don’t relate my working with me being away from you. We just have a lot of things to manage at the same time.

You may say that, mom, you only taught me that money can’t buy happiness. My son, don’t ever under estimate working with earning. Earning is one benefit why people work, but then there are many more such things above money – satisfaction, self-respect, confidence – a complete package.

Money is the mean to lead a life as per your wish.  Money is not life.

Whether working or not working, your smile is the most affectionate thing I crave for. Your upbringing is the most important responsibility of my life.

I take pride in ensuring that I capable of being your support system – in whichever form you need. I am a happy person and I want you to be the same – without guilts, without sacrifices, without any burden on the heart.

I just have a silent wish – that when you grow up as a mature adult – you come to me and say – Mumma, I am proud of you!


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Food for thought

Your-Brand-Sucks-Because-Youre-Trying-to-be-Someone-Else (2)Just on crazily busy day with calendar full of meetings and a long to-do list, my Skype notification attracted my attention. One of my friends had changed his Skype status.

I thought to myself, my status message is also getting old day by day. It needs to be youthful, a refreshment to mind as soon as I start my work. It should make me smile as I begin the show!

Not that the current one isn’t doing so, but may be I have started taking it for granted and not paying so much attention!  😛 Is it like an old relationship.  😀

So after a couple of minutes in my own thinking world – I came up with a great message – oh I do think it’s a great one!  😛

Believe in the power of being YOU!

I got so impressed with my own thought that I posted it on Facebook as well to see if I have like-minded people around. 🙂

And to my surprise, a dozen of “likes” followed 🙂

This makes me think – is this very simple fact of life of being and living the way you are, really worth a status? Does it really need to be practiced? Is there a disconnect between who we are and how we are portraying ourselves?

Even standing in front of the mirror gives a “mirror image” not the real one. The reflection in water also shakes with the flow. The photos you have saved as memories doesn’t necessarily reflect your true emotion in that moment.

And then what are we scared of? Are we too busy pleasing others? Or just not very confident about our own selves? Is it a fear to avoid loneliness? Or a habit to showcase an ideal figure??

Not sure of the answer really – but worth food for thought!

It just needs a moment to look within and find out – how does it feel to just be “ME”.

May be the “likers” of my status message took that moment!

Are you in it yet??




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Happiness isn’t a cost thing!

ImageIf you add together all the money spent on objects and entertainment in the pursuit for happiness, you would probably fall off your chair.

We are willing to spend a sensational amount of money to entertain and satisfy our desires. The problem is everything we buy is temporary. Whatever we buy or indulge in it will only make us moderately gratified for short period of time. Then we look to the next fix to distract us from the daily tasks of living. The idea that some lofty goal is going to make us happy is the kind of search that keeps us looking towards the future for fulfillment.

Happiness is not for sale. Just as we cannot buy love, we cannot buy happiness.

Real happiness comes from within. When we achieve something we set out to accomplish, when we finally resolve a problem, when a challenge is overcome then we get a glimpse of what real happiness feels like.

When we fall in love, have a breakthrough in a relationship or enjoy a special moment with someone we care about, we get a chance to feel joy for free.

Contrary to what we like to think real happiness often comes at the end of a journey one that makes us learn about what is really important. You don’t have to have money to be happy – all you need is an open heart

Take a little time to enjoy a cup of coffee with someone you care about. The stress relief will last beyond the momentary joy of self gratification and won’t break the bank either. This is why it’s so important to “stop and smell the roses” because we often distract ourselves from the little moments that make life so special.

Be happy! 🙂

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Home Sweet Home..

April is a very very special month for me.. No, its not my birthday, nor my anniversary.. And yaa I have not even fooled anyone and kept it as a memory 😉

This month has given me the most precious moment of my life. The moment I will cherish for lifetime – when I gifted a “home sweet home” to my parents. The joy that I had seen in my parents eyes when I gave the keys to them is the best experience of my life. I don’t know if I can explain it in words, it was just an amazing feeling – a bundle of happiness, pride, excitement, don’t know what all..

I was in my late teens when my parents were trying hard, harder, hardest to get their own flat. Call it hard luck; every time they thought they have found their dream home, the deal got cancelled for some or the other reason. My mom even came to a conclusion that our stars are not supporting us.. 😉 I had seen a kind of sorrow in their eyes not able to fulfil their dream.

That was when I decided about this surprise – gifting a “home” to them. I know, a big step it was 😎 But I had to achieve it; I had to give that happiness to them. And so, MISSION started.. 😎

I started working when I was 19, first with a part-time option and then a full-time one. But yaa, I also made sure my studies were managed well and thankfully the team I had was wonderful and always supported me. 🙂

I had learnt that there are 3 requirements for a home loan:
– 3 years of work experience
– Sufficient funds for 15% advance payment
– 21 years of age

For the first point, I was on track as I had started working already. The third point helped me achieve the second one as I had 3 years to have sufficient savings in my account to fulfill my dream. So well planned, isn’t it? 😉

And of course my choice of sales as a career proved right as it had additional perks and incentives that I earned and enjoyed every quarter 😀

I had a target as well for my dream 😎 – I wanted to buy it before I get married. That’s the time parents have 100% rights on their daughters, or else a lot of obligations, permissions, concerns come your way which I wanted to avoid. This is strange but true.

The only thing which was not in my hands or was not a part of my “planning” was my age. Wait was the only option I had, yaa I had to wait.

Days passed working and finally arrived the much awaited January. I celebrated my 21st birthday. I knew this year was special and I already had excitement twinkling in eyes!! 😉

I started searching for my dream home. I visited a property show just to check if I am equipped enough to buy a house. I met a banker there who did some calculations and mentioned to me that I am eligible only for a 6 lakhs loan 😦 True, my salary was not impressive enough, I was just 3 years old in the industry. My heart broke in thousand pieces 😦 Just then, though heart was totally insane, my brain showed its power and I gave my incentive sheet to the banker. Bingo!! My eligibility increased almost 100% and now I was eligible for 12 lakhs loan 😉 I felt like I have touched the sky that day!!

Soon we finalised a flat in Alandi Road area, I know it’s too far 😉 but I had limited options with 12 Lakhs 😎

We chose to go with a ready possession flat – I didn’t have much patience to wait for the construction 😉 The whole process went smooth, thanks for God.

Finally arrived the day of house warming!! Best day of my life.. My dream coming true 🙂 I had discovered Cloud Number 10 that day!! 😀

With friends, relatives joining us in the celebration, I am sure I made that day as the best day for my parents as well.

The glory I had seen in my parents eyes is something I will cherish lifelong. The speechless moments that we spent that day made all my efforts worth it!!

Well, dreams kept on increasing and the race to fulfil them is still ON. My dreams will never stop, nor will I stop dreaming!! 🙂

Now, after the long story – take a look at my “Home Sweet Home” Seventh Floor (the last one) on the left!!