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What remains with you, is just YOU


Situations come and go
Like the clouds they flow
They shake you, break you, tear you to the core
And then you feel, left alone on the shore

Neither the waves nor the sand or the sun
What remains there is just YOU

People become your support system
They listen, emphathise, sympathise, help
They do their best within their comfort of self
But still you feel, the lack of that holding hand

Neither the words nor the tone or pitch of their voice
What remains there is just YOU

You get sleepless, you get scared
Anger, frustration, helplessness is aired
You console, you doubt, you shout
You hate your own self, you hate the clout

Neither these feelings nor the curses or the screams
What remains there is just YOU.

Love yourself, take care of your heart
Because what remains with you is just YOU.

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♥ Will you be my Valentine?? ♥

love-is-you-love-30949107-960-8541With you, I speak day and night
You know my thoughts, my insight
I can’t call you shadow, you are within
The best partner, you have always been
You don’t keep secrets, but you hold mine
Today, I ask you – Will you be my Valentine?

Like the sun, you brighten my world
Without you, every moment is curled
I rise with you fresh, as morning to noon
Should I call you miracle, or god’s boon?
You are my spirit, you are divine
Today, I ask you – Will you be my Valentine?

You are my star that never leaves the sky
Even when the clouds are low or high
This sky changes colours from dark to blue
You know me; I am an open book just for you
You hold me tight, make me shine
Today, I ask you – Will you be my Valentine?

Like the candle without a flame
Like the person without a name
I have no existence without you my dear
The best of buddies, you bring me cheer
Oh my soul! My heartbeat, my lifeline
Today, I ask you – Will you be my Valentine?

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Holding your hand….

handsIn search of love, I always wandered
Is that a collage of 2 beautiful hearts
Or a journey, together and apart
Is that a mix of surprises and sorrow
Or just a pair of bow and arrow
And then came you, oasis in the sand
Love is togetherness, holding your hand….

In search of happiness, I always wandered
Is it an emotion that makes me fly
Or a spirit that takes off the sigh
Is it the smile after the tears
Or just a word people call “cheers”
And then came you, greenery in barren land
Happiness is fulfillment, holding your hand….

In search of life, I always wandered
Is it a book that slowly unfolds
Or just a hope that you always hold
Is it a basket of pleasure and pain
Or a story that’s completely insane
And then came you, like a musical band
Life is experiences, holding your hand….

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♥ Are you also like me?



You are like a continuous movement within me
You are like a collection of the poems that I haven’t yet written
O my love, please say it once.

Is it like this even for you?

I brought some soft-spoken words in my pocket, I saw a fresh lightning in your eyes,
I came a little while along with you – forgetting myself completely
Holding your finger, shall I write few words on plain water?
At least when your shadow is around, shall I adorn it with flowers
To trust and wait, I am a simple fool..

Are you also like me?

Over a bed of flowers in your dream, you are a passionate attraction in my mind
You are a magical crop in my heart, that flourishes with the chill wind
From your sweet torment, please come and save me once
When both of us dream of a single thing, are you and I two different entities?
I’m like a feather that came lying low at your doorstep

Are you also like me?


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The 2 Voices Inside..

It was a Saturday evening. I was driving towards the hospital to collect my medical reports. On a usual day, it is just a 20 mins drive. However that day I felt it like 20 hours long journey. Numerous thoughts kept peeping my mind about my report, and I must admit that majority of them were negative.

I was all on my own struggling with those thoughts and wondering what is going to happen to me next. I sensed 2 voices inside me debating with each other – one was voice of fear and the other was voice of faith.

For some reason, the voice of fear was taking stronger on me. It made me think of all the worst situations that will come my way if my report is bad. It made me visualise scenarios that scared me to my depth.

Then there was a silent and calm voice of faith, not at all showing its dominance; just trying to explain me that things will be fine and I should not be worrying so much; telling me not to be scared as even if there is any problem, there is a solution as well.

Again as I said, the voice of fear was so powerful that I wasn’t even listening to my voice of faith. I was so much taken away by the voice was fear that I had already decided in my mind my report is going to be worse for me to handle.

To my surprise – a pleasant one, reality was something very different. 🙂

When I reached hospital, it took me so many guts to open the reports. It was all normal. Thankfully, there was really nothing for me to worry.

That was the time my thinking cap started turning right and made me realise that I have spent so much time worrying about things that were not even certain. They were just probabilities and I gave them so much importance.

On the other side, my voice of faith was true and was guiding me right but I ignored it completely.

Then was the STRONG question to myself – WHY did I do so?

I reflected back in my past and observed that there were many such occasions when I feared so much which wasn’t needed– in my school days when my exam result were going to be out, in my higher education when I feared of not getting a good job that I would want to do, in my job when I wasn’t sure of delivering my KRAs. Memories of such incidents shook me from inside.

There is so much of fear around us. Fear of losing our loved ones, fear of failure, fear of defeat, fear of struggle. Again the same question – why do we fear so much?

I am not talking about being afraid of the dark, or being afraid of heights. Phobias aside, there are things that we absolutely dread the thought of. Fear has a stronger grip on our life than we think.

Voice of faith is a deep knowing that something is true although there may not be physical evidence or a way to prove it to others. It encourages us to move forward and not slow down with the influence of fear. It gives us confidence of a happy life. 🙂

Then, why do we not listen to that soft voice of faith that will give us peace of mind? Does it not always reassure us of a solution to every problem? Does is not show us way out of our trauma? Why do we ignore it then?

Even I couldn’t find an answer to this “why” yet. However I did realise that I should be listening to this inner voice of faith to get rid of the negativities in my mind.

I do need to give my best in any and every situation and leave it to faith for good things to happen to me.

I know it’s not going to be easy. It needs a lot of hard work and practise of mind.

However as is it said – well begun is half done. 🙂

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The perfect marriage!!

The two words “perfect” and “marriage” rarely come together isn’t it? 😛 Ooppss.. 😉

Well, if you are thinking that I have written about dos and donts for a perfect marriage, let me clear the doubt. it’s not about the “so called perfect marriage”

It’s about the 2 tiny organs in our body that are perfect examples of how a marriage really works. The first one that rules our body – the brain and the other that makes the former lose control completely – the heart 😉

Like in any other typical marriage – the brain and the heart never agree to each other, think they are smarter than the other, fight all the time, never match up on emotional levels and still have to stay in the same “body” house 😉

Errr.. did I talk too much negative? Well, that’s just the half story. The positive side is – again like a typical marriage – they can’t function without each other, they take control of each other when things turn blue, they support in tough times and enjoy the happy times together. They are just meaningless if not together..

Well, don’t you think this is the perfect marriage example that god has made – probably to show us how it should “ideally” work on earth?

The real couple – brain and heart!

I wish my brain was a bit lazy as I am sometimes.. Aeemm, yea only sometimes I am lazy 😛 I remember in one of the literature classes in school, one of our teachers asked us about the one thing that have maximum speed to travel. With our little knowledge that time, we though rocket or a spacecraft was the ideal answer. Then the teacher explained us that it’s not really rocket or space-craft, it’s our mind that travels the fastest. In a second, it can reach to Mars; in the next one, it can roam Moon and can come back to earth in the 3rd second. Well, it was a literature class you see.. 😉 Now I think I understand the meaning better. My brain wanders around in thoughts aimlessly seeking something that’s just abstract, and shift gears of thoughts so fast that I don’t think even a space-craft will ever be able to match 😛

My heart on the other side feels too many emotions in just a single day.. It feels happy hearing a friend’s love story, sad with another story of heartbreak, motivated with work accomplished , worried about “cooking dinner” after work 😉 and the list goes on and on. It just keeps flipping the emotion buds as per the situation and feels deep about each one of it.

The brain finally has to take control every time and remind it to “focus” on things that are important and just don’t flow adhoc. It shows way to leave things that hurt and let life go..

On the contrary, it’s the heart sometimes that rules the brain and adds emotions to the “thinking” of brain. We are all humans after all, and emotions are the base of this reality..

Both of them are right and wrong many times. That’s how it should be.. No one is perfect in this world anyway! And are we not supposed to learn from our mistakes??

They both work together to make a successful marriage called LIFE!!

That’s what I am calling it a “perfect marriage”.. Do you agree??