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Should I call it “photography-mania”??

This year has been a wonderful journey so far – from bitter-sweet experiences, adventures, jaunts -to getting completely insane sometimes. 😉 I loved spending time with my hobbies and felt content acquainting with my own self..

And when I was doing so much of it, I met eyes with something that has drawn me crazy for a while now and I just can’t stop thinking about it.. Wherever I go, it just follows.. I keep wondering if its inspired by Vodafone?? 😛 So, let me keep it simple and tell you what it is. It’s called – in simple language – “photography”.

Photography for me till some time back was just smiling at the camera with all possible poses and asking my husband or my friends to click me.  I must admit, it’s a big pain for them 😛

I love capturing every possible moment in my “tiny companion” called camera and rejoice going back my memory lane with them. Doesn’t it fill your heart with joy to glance through your old snaps of those lovely moments that you never wanted to pass; those that can make life look worth it?I am no different 🙂

Well, things have gone little further to this now. My role of posing in front of the camera is taken over by me indulging in capturing the beauty of Mother Nature.. From flowers, farms, oceans, hills to sun, stars and sky – nature amazes us with its prettiness; and when locking them all in my camera, I thank God for his artistry.

No, don’t think I have stopped troubling people to snap me, I still do that and don’t see a day when I will ever stop! 😛

Aaeemm, thinking if I should be calling it “photography-mania”? 😉

Now, let me show you some of the snaps that made me feel like a “proud photographer”

Though I am enjoying every bit of my insanity with the camera, my husband doesn’t seem to be happy about it – he has understood my silent wish of getting an SLR camera from him. 😛

Long way to go.. 🙂

Posted in Being Myself, Excited!!, Life, Memories, Nature, Recreation, Travel

Adding Memories to Life.. :)

Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose.  ~ The Wonder Years

How true is that!

Memories play a significant role in our life, they are like frequent doses of happiness. Memories of happy time spent together can bring smile on our face and give strength to cope up with tough situations, memories with friends keep reminding us we are not alone even when we are not able to connect with them frequently, memories of achievements keep us going.

Last few weeks have been amazing for me and I must admit it has been the best period of my life. I kept travelling every week while I was exploring myself, trying out different activities that I have never done before and of course enjoying being myself!

It all started with a weekend when I witnessed a cricket match LIVE! I never thought I would get a chance like this, probably I never tried before. This was indeed a spectacular experience. Thousands of people around, all the heroes of cricket just at a distance of few meters, the so much loud music, the flags and the cheers for the team, all of it made it a perfect evening!

The astonishing environment there gave the much needed energy to my mind and blood flowing!

Added this experience to my memory basket!


Next came the trip to Sanskruti Resort – the compensation trip that you would know why if you have read my earlier blog – A Sunday of Emotional Roller Coaster. Unlike the extra vibrant cricket stadium, Sanskruti was calm – with magic shows, mehendi art, dandhiya and ofcourse a variety of Snacks and Food – something I love the most in my life 😉

While dancing on the traditional beats of Rajasthan, I felt like a free bird away from all my thoughts of routine life, all the responsibilities and all the worries around that keep my head occupied.

This too goes and takes a seat in the memories part of my mind!

Then came the trip to Goaaaaaa.. We had been planning this since 3 years and were never successful before. This trip not planned till the last moment was one of my best experiences on beaches. The breathtaking water games were the main attraction here. The experience of riding a water boat and jumping on the violent wave is the most thrilling thing I did in my life!

As its truly said, adventures are stress busters for us. The so much shouting, the fastest heart beat ever, all add up to keep the clean our mind well!

And ofcourse I cant ever forget the beauty of those big churches, the silent spiritual environment they have, the cruise experience in the middle of the sea and witnessing the sunset – all adding life to me!

Collected memories to keep them fresh all my life!

And the last but not the least one – the unforgettable Mount Abu trip.  In the Aravalis, experience of that chill breeze was something miraculous. I never thought a place in Rajasthan can have such amazing weather. Exploring the rock mountains, the hill-top temples built centuries ago, the calm experience of boating on the lake and ofcourse shopping on my toes emptying almost my entire wallet is what I really enjoyed there.

What best can make a woman happy other than shopping!

Last 4 weeks have been like a high tide of my life with all different experiences each week.

And ofcourse this helped me bond with my family, my friends much better than before. Only thing is, they had a tough time fulfilling my requests of snaps in almost every corner and with almost every pose.. 😛 Ok, that’s what family and friends are for, a casual explanation to myself to avoid embarrassment!

I am happy to carry these memories with me which will bring a smile to me whenever I think of them!

Let me keeping adding such memories and make my life worth living!!