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It’s your story.. dear woman!

womanbAlarm rings.. 5am.. With drowsy eyes and a strong undesire to get up, I try locating my mobile – just to swipe the snooze button and get that “10 mins more” sweet sleep..

10 mins gone…. alarm rings again.. Why can’t gadgets too feel lazy sometimes? 😐

Finally I make my mind to get up.. Do I have an option?

Slow pace and rubbing eyes, I am out of the bed.. Yet another long day ahead..

And then it strikes me – ohh its special day today.. it’s Women’s Day.. it’s a day to celebrate the pride of being a woman.. to cherish the achievements.. to feel like a queen!! 🙂 🙂

As I start my home chores, I think.. how is women’s day gonna be different at home? I still have to go for walk, make my own coffee, cook, get my handsome little one ready, drop him to school.. aemm.. countless big and small to dos.. So am I really proud of being a women with an endless dance on the toes?

Yes, I am proud – A strong voice shouts from within. Look at the way I multi-task the whole day. I manage my home, my work, my son’s home-work ;), my husband’s taste buds, my parents, my friends, my maid (most importantly), my hobbies, my aspirations!

My world – just a perfect one! 🙂

And then I become a role-model.

TO my son, unknowingly I am teaching him that woman deserve equality, they are not meant “for-home chores only”. I am teaching him to be independent, I am letting him grow more like an individual – obvious reason – I am not around him all the time. I am working!!

TO my husband, I am assuring him that I am there – to share responsibilities – he is not a one man army! I am there to contribute in every little thing we do for our home, an ear for his office troubles – as I have them too! a strong back-up, when he wants to fly for his professional aspirations – he doesn’t need to be holding his discomforts for the sake of home responsibilities.

Wow – what a proud feeling – a working woman, yes I AM!! B-)

9am, I drive Avneesh to school, and keeping my cool, drive through the traffic jams and honking to reach office. I do a bit of make-up before settling on my seat 😛

and then there are e-mails flooded with wishes – happy womens day – from bankers to marketers to shopping sites – all are in full swing to please women!!

HR team makes sure we feel on top of the world today! Flowers, special gifts, games, motivations speeches – I love every moment of this enjoyment! Yes – I tell myself – such a blessing being a working women – happy, independent – full of self-esteem! 🙂

As the day passes and the clock strikes 1, all head for the “special lunch for beautiful ladies”. My heart runs home to see if Avneesh had food? Did he like it or left it halfway? Did he take his morning fruit?

I assure myself that all is going to be well and I don’t need to stress. Wasn’t I convinced with the thought of making him independent??

Day passes by. My mind keeps wandering around home. Did Avneesh do any new thing today that I missed to see? Did he speak a new word?? He must be missing mumma for a garden play, poor chap! 😦

Evening arrives as I start wrapping-up my work. What a pleasant weather it is – perfect for family time with coffee and chitchats! I smile with this thought.. I am sure my husband too would have been missing this! A day-dreamer in me visuals us together!

And then comes an e-mail – urgent action needed. Errr.. Does that mean I am going to be late? Is it yet another miss to a great family evening?? Hmm..

I know my people will understand.. They won’t complaint at all.. They know it’s a need to support family.. Still.. what is this feeling of incompleteness? Would it have been better to let go career, stay at home and enjoy every moment with family?? 😦

SO I finish the urgent tasks and get back home.. It’s too late for a refreshing coffee in the “tiny-fortune paid” home with amazing view from balcony.

Let’s cook-eat-sleep. Simple plan now. 😐

And the day gets over.

This is not just my story – but story of all the women in this world – working or not working doesn’t matter. It’s the story of tremendous patience and balance in a woman’s mind.

It’s about the power a woman has to handle these extremely opposite emotions of pride and guilt every single day!

I am proud of this power, I am proud of this balanced mind. I am proud of being a woman – god’s complete package deal!

Happy women’s day!


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EmotionsLabeledConversations.. The talks, the discussions, the arguments, the gossips! 🙂

Most of our time goes in conversing with people. Formal, informal,  in office or home, our mouth gets more energy by talking than by eating! Do you second me here? 😉

And now with the new media of “silent communication” over Facebook, Whatsapp or any other messenger for that matter, it become more easy to exchange thoughts – INSTANTLY! 🙂

Many in the business of life coaching claim that healthy conversations with you partner or family members, friends or colleagues make healthy relationships for you! True, really works.

However would you agree with me if I say that sometimes words are not enough to explain what we feel? Have you ever given a thought to this – most of our emotional moments are WORDLESS!

Well, now I am sure you are thinking what I mean by wordless?. And I do not plan to confuse you more with this sentence. Let me explain.

Do you recall a moment of success when just a “hi-fi” to your friend meant – “yes we did it!”

Isn’t a tight hug enough to convey “thank you” for a surprise gift from your partner?

Just a tap on the back to your best buddy when his eyes are teary speaks more than what words can express!

Shy face of your girlfriend when you propose her is something you are gonna remember lifelong!

Can you explain in words why your lips made that big curve looking at your baby’s first steps?

There are endless examples like these.

We are humans and we are emotional. We emote in number of ways!

The best of your emotional moments are still WORDLESS! 🙂

Probably that’s the reason that even when we have liberty to type without limitations on words, ‘smileys’ are the ones that make our chats complete!

What do you think guys?



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☯ A pearl has come inside its oyster ☯

ONP1Have you ever experienced it with yourself that when you really want something, you don’t get it but when you leave that expectation and move on, destiny plays its cards and get you the same thing at an unexpected time! I think the favourite game for destiny is “surprise”

It was last November when I was planning for my year-end vacation, googling websites to explore various destinations, budgeting, talking to tour providers and what not! I just so desperately wanted this vacation – probably to run away from the medical ups and downs I saw last year. Probably to refresh life again! 

But as I said, destiny is unpredictable! Early December last year, I got the news – the happiest news of my life – that there is a tiny life that has come inside me. The ecstasy this news gave is something I cannot ever express in words.

❤ My pearl has come inside its oyster! 

Felt like a tickle in the belly with my baby saying – Mom I have come for you! 

Everything around me changed. Suddenly I was the one most cared in the family. Whether I am having food on time, taking medicines on time, whether stressing myself too much or should I leave my job and relax at home – where things on the top of the minds of my family.

It euphoric! You suddenly feel like the queen of this world!! 

My world changed – entirely! ✩

It amazes me to see how baby grows inside. From a small dot size, how it takes shape of a human, how all organs are formed, how that small tiny heart beats – every aspect of it is the most beautiful gift of nature. Something that we will owe to nature always!

The feeling I had when I heard the heart beat for the first time, when I felt the kick for the first time, when I felt so uneasy sand unwell still happy thinking its after all because of my tiny tot – every little experience adds to the fulfillment of this journey.

Happy to be a woman getting a chance to experience this delightful phase! Poor husbands, they can only imagine how it would be and get happy with our expressions! 

I am in my last trimester now, counting days to take the unborn in my hands, see the unseen whom I have just felt, and love more than anything else in this world!

Is it a new life inside me or my life inside? ❀ 

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When I’m walking with you!

Fallen in love with this poem.. 🙂

When I’m walking with you,
I’m a feather floating in the cool air,
Dusted with melting mist: warm and so rare,
Like the kiss of an angel I don’t know from where!

When I’m walking with you,
I’m a bird flying free in the clear skies,
Caressing the mountain peaks: graceful and nice,
Seeing everything I want even with the closed eyes!

When I’m walking with you,
I’m a kid: gentle, innocent and cheerful,
Stupid, yet very lovable and playful,
Making every day so lively and wonderful!

When I’m walking with you,
I’m me, loving everything in the world,
I’m me, living every moment I could harness,
I’m me, seeing light where others see darkness,
‘Coz with you, I’m the best in the world!

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The perfect marriage!!

The two words “perfect” and “marriage” rarely come together isn’t it? 😛 Ooppss.. 😉

Well, if you are thinking that I have written about dos and donts for a perfect marriage, let me clear the doubt. it’s not about the “so called perfect marriage”

It’s about the 2 tiny organs in our body that are perfect examples of how a marriage really works. The first one that rules our body – the brain and the other that makes the former lose control completely – the heart 😉

Like in any other typical marriage – the brain and the heart never agree to each other, think they are smarter than the other, fight all the time, never match up on emotional levels and still have to stay in the same “body” house 😉

Errr.. did I talk too much negative? Well, that’s just the half story. The positive side is – again like a typical marriage – they can’t function without each other, they take control of each other when things turn blue, they support in tough times and enjoy the happy times together. They are just meaningless if not together..

Well, don’t you think this is the perfect marriage example that god has made – probably to show us how it should “ideally” work on earth?

The real couple – brain and heart!

I wish my brain was a bit lazy as I am sometimes.. Aeemm, yea only sometimes I am lazy 😛 I remember in one of the literature classes in school, one of our teachers asked us about the one thing that have maximum speed to travel. With our little knowledge that time, we though rocket or a spacecraft was the ideal answer. Then the teacher explained us that it’s not really rocket or space-craft, it’s our mind that travels the fastest. In a second, it can reach to Mars; in the next one, it can roam Moon and can come back to earth in the 3rd second. Well, it was a literature class you see.. 😉 Now I think I understand the meaning better. My brain wanders around in thoughts aimlessly seeking something that’s just abstract, and shift gears of thoughts so fast that I don’t think even a space-craft will ever be able to match 😛

My heart on the other side feels too many emotions in just a single day.. It feels happy hearing a friend’s love story, sad with another story of heartbreak, motivated with work accomplished , worried about “cooking dinner” after work 😉 and the list goes on and on. It just keeps flipping the emotion buds as per the situation and feels deep about each one of it.

The brain finally has to take control every time and remind it to “focus” on things that are important and just don’t flow adhoc. It shows way to leave things that hurt and let life go..

On the contrary, it’s the heart sometimes that rules the brain and adds emotions to the “thinking” of brain. We are all humans after all, and emotions are the base of this reality..

Both of them are right and wrong many times. That’s how it should be.. No one is perfect in this world anyway! And are we not supposed to learn from our mistakes??

They both work together to make a successful marriage called LIFE!!

That’s what I am calling it a “perfect marriage”.. Do you agree??

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When you are happy – world is beautiful!

Have you ever realised that you react to same situation differently depending on your mood? When you are low, every small thing irritates you to its depth and when you are happy, serious problems look easily solvable.

Our moods are like weather, constantly changing. The tiny creatures called hormones run the show of emotions and moods in us sometimes creating wonders and sometimes turning you upside down by blunders! 😉

And to avoid myself getting into blunders, I have got my arms and ammunition ready to keep my mood “happie happie”! It has worked most of the times and I am trying to get it going ALLways!

I have observed when I am happy – my schedule goes exactly as I plan, I dress at my best, I cook deliciously that day (and enjoy eating those extra calories 😛 ), my work is not delayed, my home is all clean and shining 😛 , I blog – overall I see the world so beautiful! 🙂

So let me introduce you to my helping hands that pull me out of the blue-gray feeling and turn it to the best of my moods:

1)      My iPod – I am crazy about music. If anyone asks me one thing that I can’t live without, its going to be answered as iPod. I just have to switch it on and it changes the whole world around me. I start dancing on my toes and start dreaming to touch the sky! Thanks to my iPod that gives me a feeling of sitting next to my favourite singers and listen to their songs! 😉

2)      My cutie pie plants in the garden – Whenever I see them, these tiny colourful creatures give me a feeling of relaxation, calmness, feeling that the world is full of fragrance 🙂 . Nature has its own strength of adding charm to our lives!

3)      My books library – I love reading fiction – till an extent that I totally get into those characters and start feeling them! I completely forget the world around me while reading them. They take me to an altogether different space where no one except me (ofcourse I am one of them here 😛 ) and those characters exist. This space gives me refreshment and when I come back from there, I carry a big smile on my face!

4)      Last but definitely not the least – My family and friends – I have wonderful people around me to change the game. I believe in caring and sharing. I make sure I am always there when they need me and thankfully I have always found them around whenever I need. It’s a blessing to have such loving people around. For them also, its not a big thing for change my mood – they all know very well that they just need to get a chocolate box for me 😛

With so many helping hands, how can I afford not to be happy 😉

So here is a question for you.. What’s your happiness mantra? 🙂

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Happiness isn’t a cost thing!

ImageIf you add together all the money spent on objects and entertainment in the pursuit for happiness, you would probably fall off your chair.

We are willing to spend a sensational amount of money to entertain and satisfy our desires. The problem is everything we buy is temporary. Whatever we buy or indulge in it will only make us moderately gratified for short period of time. Then we look to the next fix to distract us from the daily tasks of living. The idea that some lofty goal is going to make us happy is the kind of search that keeps us looking towards the future for fulfillment.

Happiness is not for sale. Just as we cannot buy love, we cannot buy happiness.

Real happiness comes from within. When we achieve something we set out to accomplish, when we finally resolve a problem, when a challenge is overcome then we get a glimpse of what real happiness feels like.

When we fall in love, have a breakthrough in a relationship or enjoy a special moment with someone we care about, we get a chance to feel joy for free.

Contrary to what we like to think real happiness often comes at the end of a journey one that makes us learn about what is really important. You don’t have to have money to be happy – all you need is an open heart

Take a little time to enjoy a cup of coffee with someone you care about. The stress relief will last beyond the momentary joy of self gratification and won’t break the bank either. This is why it’s so important to “stop and smell the roses” because we often distract ourselves from the little moments that make life so special.

Be happy! 🙂

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Old is Gold!

My parents-in-law celebrated their 35th anniversary last week. It was a very special moment for our whole family. More than a celebration, it was a lesson for the young couples to follow their footsteps and lead a happy life.

They had recently visited Pune for a 1-week vacation to stay with us. This 1 week was full of learning for me.

When you have elders at home, it’s that extra moral support you get just by their presence. Their experiences are like teachings for us that help us lead our life in a better way.

I remember one such evening I spent with my mother-in-law and father-in-law sitting in our balcony having a cup of tea and listening to stories of their life, their struggles, their achievements, their experiences, all about their life. At the end of the talk, which I never wanted to end, I felt like yes I want to be like them.

To my surprise and a bit of disbelief, let me share with you, that in their 35 years of married life, they have never fought!! I think it’s more to do with that ‘’give-up” and “have patience”attitude the earlier generation had that helped them to be in sink with each other. I think this is a big achievement in itself. Isn’t it true that our relations are much bigger than our egos?

When my in-laws got married, my father-in-law’s salary was around Rs. 350 a month and even in that, they used to save 10-20 rupees. I had my eyes wide open when I heard this. In today’s world, when most of us have a five digit salary, we have no clue where the salary flows. Atleast I admit that I am poor at managing finance.

Not just savings, in that same salary, they had some school kids come home every Thursday for lunch. In villages we have this system to feed outstation kids that come from poor background once in a week as charity. I felt small hearing this. Though I do charity once in a while, this is something that raised respect for them to a much higher level.

Earlier generation was “people oriented”. May be that is the reason they don’t prefer cities with “closed doors” culture.They valued people more than money. And so, they never faced problems like feeling lonely, depressed or lost like our generation. For us, we prefer speaking on facebook, mobile or sms instead of meeting face to face. Think when was it last time you met a friend or a close relative?

For every small thing they purchased, be it a telephone, a pair of new clothes or shoes, they planned for months and saved and then bought. They never opted for loans 😛 And so, they had value for every small thing they owned. For us, we think it and we get it and so we don’t value our belongings so much.

The best thing I liked was the satisfaction they had throughout their life in managing everything with limited resources.

They are not just one example, there are plenty of them around us. My parents are one of them. Think about your parents, what all we can learn from them?

In this modern lifestyle that we have, we lack the important aspects of life – patience, satisfaction, adjustments, and sacrifices. They have all got covered with ego, self-importance, competition, jealousy and what now.

I believe our earlier generation is a deep ocean of experiences and more than books or anything else, we should learn life lessons from them. I feel lucky to be a part of such an amazing family!!

It’s really high time to sit and analyse where we are heading and where we way we should take to achieve real happiness of life.

The bottom line is Old is truly Gold!

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A Sunday of Emotional Roller Coaster

What is a typical Sunday for you? Probably to get up late, plan an outing with friends or family; for some it’s to finish the home chores pending over the weekdays, for others it’s simply to lie on bed throughout the day and enjoy the laziness of life.

My Sunday was no different. I got up late, forcibly, with a list of “To-Dos” in my mind. I believe, for working women, Sunday is the busiest day of the week . From buying vegetables, ironing cloths, cleaning home, to getting pampered with beauty services at the parlour – it’s all done in one day – SUNDAY.

For me it was worst when I heard my maid has taken leave. Uff, I had no option but to turn cook cum cleaner cum maid. Promotion at home you see 😉 and I was absolute brilliantly showing my multitasking talent since morning.

Generally I get quite upset of such thing happening on a Sunday. But this day was different. For a change, I had no complaints doing all the chores because there was an exciting outing planned in the evening !! I guess I had got that extra strength in my blood in excitement of this plan. We were going to Sanskruti Resort to spend our evening in the cultural and fun-packed place . This reason was good enough for me to keep my energy levels high! 😎

Since the time I had got up, I was only thinking of the several poses we would click there, the likes I would get on FaceBook, the cover photo I would change tomorrow, the long drive we would take with my favorite music and of course the tummy tickling feeling that I am not supposed to cook dinner 🙂 what a relief 😉

One of our friends had described Sanskruti Resort in so much detail that I was flooded with Euphoria thinking about my evening ahead! The panipuri stall, the magic show, the mehendi stall, the gaming zone, the variety of food items – overall the so much fun out there waiting for me!! 😎

However, as it is said, overexcitement sometimes leads to huge disappointment. My overexcitement was a victim of the so called reputed IT job my husband is in. My husband called me up at 3.45pm, just when I was about to put on my favorite dress for the perfect evening ahead, saying he would be late and the plan in canceled. 😦 😦

My cheerful mind turned into anger replicating Shiva’s third eye and so was my Tandav at home. In anger, in sympathy, with loving words and at last with warnings, I tried my best to convince him to postpone his work for tomorrow and come home. Nothing worked and I was left with just a “sorry – next time” in the end.

With a broken heart, I sat in the balcony convincing myself that we surely will go some other time. Well, I didn’t have much option after all. I played some of my favorite tracks to change my temper, then turned towards reading book on “keeping yourself calm in difficult situations” 😛

My brain again started building a To-Do for the remaining day but my heart was not at all ready to co-operate.

Somehow got into bed thinking at least I will do something that I love – sleep. 😉

At about 7, the door bell rang and though I knew who was there, I didn’t get up to open the door. There are some typical tantrums a wife plays at home and this one is out of them. 😉

My husband slowly opened the door, well aware that handling me is going to be quite difficult for him. He sat next to me explaining how all he tried to postpone his work, how important was the deadline of project, how bad he felt to cancel the plan. For all of it, my response was silence – the most powerful weapon of a wife 😛

After about an hour of “no talking” at home, he initiated another plan – a candle light dinner – as a compensation to what I missed. My eyes were instantly wide open! On one hand I was angry so can’t accept this so easily; on the other hand, I was afraid he would cancel this as well if I don’t respond quickly. A big fix for me to handle. 😦

After a quick thought, I said – ok this is fine for now but don’t forget your promise of taking me to Sanskruti next weekend. A so called compromise 😉

I dressed up again and we went for a quiet-romantic candle light dinner.

I believe every ambience has its own charm in it. The chill breeze, the moonlight, the open sky, the twinkling stars, the small candle light and that cozy feeling of togetherness – everything was just spectacular! I must admit I forgot all my anger in that environment.

It was a relaxed time for both of us. We were nostalgic at a moment and futuristic at the next. In this fast paced life, when both the partners are working and have their own social circles, such time of affectionate closeness is precious!

I felt overwhelming joy in those moments we spent together. It was just an ideal evening – full of emotions, full of love!

The super moon not just brightened the sky but also made my evening radiant.

No doubt God made this bittersweet relation of husband and wife most special amongst all the others.

A happy me returned home with a sweet smile and a happy heart. 🙂

Our emotions are so very light – they go high low and again high in just fraction of time. Isn’t it something really amazing?

This was truly a day of emotional roller coaster!!