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♥ Love just needs.. TIME.. ♥

We have many loved ones around us – our family, friends, well-wishers. They all love us and so do we. However life has become so fast-paced that we hardly get time express our love for them. We hardly get the time to think what is working right, what is going wrong in our life or hardly care to find roots of our own feelings. We just keep running every minute, every hour, every day ignoring our inner self that seeks peace and satisfaction.

Today, as I sit in the window looking at rain, I am trying to figure out that missing block in me. Rain has always given that freshness to my mind to think right. When the tiny rain drops sprinkle on my face, I feel that all the wrongs are going to be wiped out of me and I will come out clean 🙂 So I start clean, thinking, analyzing my life and making sure to rectify my mistakes.

I am sure many of you all would agree that though you wanted to call a friend, or visit your parents – something came up and you couldn’t. Call it our poor time management skill or just overload of work, we really don’t have time.

Being a working woman, I too have to keep juggling between roles of a home-maker to a manager to a cook to what not. My time flies so fast that at the end of the day, I don’t have time to talk to myself, and so to my loved ones too.

Thanks to the medical leave I took that gave me breathing space to reflect back on my life, to analysis what my people expect from me and what I am not able to give them, to realize that I am hurting people who mean the most to me.

“Its better now then never” – truly said and that’s what I followed! 🙂

My mom calls me every day without fail just to check whether I had food on time, whether I am doing fine. However most of the times, I just disconnect her call or make it short saying I am busy and I will call her. Not that I don’t want to talk to her, just that I can’t manage time well in my tight schedule of the day. I wondered today how much time it takes for me to just give a buzz to her and tell her I am fine, I had food and ask her not to worry – hardly 10-15 mins I would guess. Can’t I manage this much? What do our parents expect from us, just a little time to care them, or at least respect the care they have for us. These 10-15mins call will give her so much happiness and sense of relief and its so easy for me to do this! Mom, I hurted you till now but I promise I won’t repeat this from today!

Thinking all this, I called her and trust me, I could feel her smile over the phone. Love you mom! 🙂

Then my thinking cap turned towards my friends who care so much for me. I have been missing calls from my best friends due to a meeting or a client call or just because I was into something important. In short – I was taking my friends for granted that they understand, unknowingly giving them a feeling that I don’t care for the care they have for me, which of course is not true.

Now was the time to call them and tell them that I am privileged to have them in my life and apologize. For sure I knew, they will take it light and we ended up our call with laughs and light heart 🙂

And now last, but definitely not the least – my husband. Though we are a nuclear family and have all privacy that we need, there is a little time that overlaps for us where we are together at home. I have been cribbing about this to him since we got married but we never reached any solution for this nor were we determined enough to do so.  Our routine for evening is to come home and then me getting into cooking and he busy watching TV.

However, since the time my health got little upset, I saw a change in him – rather a BIG change. 🙂 In a day, I get many sms’s asking about my lunch, my snacks, my work tension. Now, the TV watching time has become our “evening walk together” time and the “morning getting up late time” has become salad cutting time for us. 🙂 The alarms that he hated for all his life have become reminders for my medicines now. I am happy with this change, just that I didn’t convey with to him yet. Now, I have decided to call him and tell him how much it means to me 🙂 That’s what is my next call now.

Today with this blog, I want to thank all my loved ones for their love, care and support. I want to tell them that they mean the world to me.

Time is the basic expectation our loved ones have from us no matter how busy we are or what is keeping us occupied. Someone close to me once said – couple of minutes spent for loved ones when we don’t have time carries more value than hours spent with them when we are free. How true is that!

At the end of the day, the memories we have with them and the smile on their faces matter the most in this world. Is that not what we are earning for?



The word that best describes me is “Dreamer”. I dream a lot and I believe in fulfilling my dreams. My dreams vary from eating Pani Puri at a stall to becoming an Entrepreneur and I love all my dreams. I always want to be the best in whatever I do whether it’s professional, social or personal because one of my dreams is to be “different” from rest of the crowd. I love all the roles I play in my life and enjoy being a loving wife, a responsible daughter, a caring sister and a friendly companion. I sometimes become poetic as well I believe life is an opportunity to unfold our hidden talents, its a journey towards fulfillment!

4 thoughts on “♥ Love just needs.. TIME.. ♥

  1. One of the way to talk to someone when they call and you are busy is to say to the person that “I will call you later” and talk to him as soon as you as you are free. And we all are busy these days. Don’t worry about that


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