♥ Are you also like me?




You are like a continuous movement within me
You are like a collection of the poems that I haven’t yet written
O my love, please say it once.

Is it like this even for you?

I brought some soft-spoken words in my pocket, I saw a fresh lightning in your eyes,
I came a little while along with you – forgetting myself completely
Holding your finger, shall I write few words on plain water?
At least when your shadow is around, shall I adorn it with flowers
To trust and wait, I am a simple fool..

Are you also like me?

Over a bed of flowers in your dream, you are a passionate attraction in my mind
You are a magical crop in my heart, that flourishes with the chill wind
From your sweet torment, please come and save me once
When both of us dream of a single thing, are you and I two different entities?
I’m like a feather that came lying low at your doorstep

Are you also like me?



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